Our New Guitar Service And Everything You Need To Know About It.

Here at Bell, we are excited to announce our brand new guitar service! To help explain what we are offering, the following is a list of questions and answers to show you what we are doing and why.

1. What is this Guitar Service you speak of?

A brand new guitar service centre, providing the care and expertise required for your instrument's maintenance and repair. We have also opened a brand new guitar string and accessory section in our shop.


2. Why should I get my guitar serviced?

If you strip a guitar back to its bare bones, you'll be left with nothing more than a piece of wood. A piece of wood that everything else is built up from. Bearing in mind that wood is a living organic material - fittings on your guitar will move and wear down over time due to sweat, grease and other varying factors. However general maintenance will keep it in good condition and avoid any cutting out or additional unwanted noises during your playing. Generally, you should get your guitar serviced at least once or twice a year to ensure its upkeep.



3. Why at Bell?

Here at Bell, we provide numerous services to help fellow musicians become the artists they long to be. Maintenance of your instrument is a very important factor in this. Our guitar specialist has a real understanding of how guitars work and, more importantly, what guitarists need from their instrument.



4. What sorts of services are on offer?

We want to make sure we can help you whatever you're trying to fix, therefore no matter the problem, just give us a bell and we'll see what we can do.

A list of services can be found below:


5. What is the process if I wish to enquire?

You can contact us via phone on 020 8896 1200 or email alex@bellperc.com for further details. Let us know what your queries or concerns are and we’ll happily discuss them with you.


6. What would be your number one top tip for maintaining a guitar?

Keep it clean and at a good temperature.

For example, a fretboard made of rose or general dark wood does not use lacquer but oil. If the board is not cleaned and oiled it becomes dry and can start to crack. Equally, keep your guitar in a moderate temperature, not too warm and not too cold. Keep away from radiators and do not leave it in a cold car overnight... trust us.




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