Calling All DJs - DJ Studio Options Here At Bell!
Music has always evolved, and the past decade has seen a massive boost in electronic instruments, for example, you can see our electronic drum kits here
However DJ sets have been a huge aspect of club culture now for decades, and the ever-growing industry is being shared amongst more and more generations as they learn the skills involved to create the smoothest set. Therefore, we're excited to open up a brand new opportunity here at Bell!
If you're in need of some space and/or equipment in order to practice your next line up, or maybe you would just like to give it a go, we have you covered. Our purple room is the perfect size (£8.50 off peak/hr and £9.50 peak/hr) and for an additional £18, you can hire DJ gear set up for your arrival for your entire rehearsal, regardless of its length. There are no time restrictions on the hire price!
We have the following equipment available:
2 Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS (digital decks.)
2x Technics SL-1210M5G (turntables.)
And a Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 (4 channel mixer.)
Any queries? Give us a bell!
020 8896 1200
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Micky Johnson

Hello there.
Just browsing thru your webpage and was curious to find out more about yourselves.
In terms of hiring a couple of CDJ’s and a mixer to go with booking your Purple Studio for 3-4 hours,on a Saturday.
How much would that cost?

wesley whynt

Good afternoon

Were are you based


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