Five Films You’ll Never Guess Bell Were A Part Of!


Here at Bell, we offer numerous services to help facilitate the creation and performance of music. Why? Because we just love it so much! Our original service and the starting point for Bell is that of instrument hire. From backline to ancient gongs, we are best known for our eclectic range of percussion instruments. The range is regularly used for numerous orchestral events, jingles and film soundtracks. So, here are five films you’d never have thought we’d been a part of…




1. Star Wars

The legend of Star Wars began in 1977 (#throwback) however in 2004 we were honoured to be chosen to provide the extraordinary instrumentation required to record the soundtracks ‘Revenge of the Sith’. The opening battle scene is a great example of the ‘Force’ of our drums in action.


2. Harry Potter

Do you know the famous Harry Potter theme song? Silly question, of we course we all do. The infamous tune has been featured on every Harry Potter film and with that our percussion! Recorded in the iconic studio one of Abbey Road, the soundtrack brought the magic of Harry Potter to life. Can you believe this all happened back in 2001? You’re a wizard Harry...


3. Lord of the Rings

Is Lord of the Rings precious to you? Well it is to us, especially seeing as we were the supplier of the hired percussion back in 2001 and two proceeding sequels. The list included chains, bell plates, bodhrans, bass drums, tam tams and of course our huge taikos. A favourite scene of ours is the ‘Caverns of Isengard’ from the Two Towers where the digging of the orcs occurs. In this you can hear our chains and bell plates imitate the sound of metal work below.


4. James Bond - Quantum of Solace

The name is Bond... James Bond…..and I need a Marimba. So our mission was set and after a couple of Martinis, shaken not stirred we happily obliged. Composer for the four previous Bond films David Arnold, said that Forster likes to work very closely with his composers and that, in comparison to the accelerated schedule he was tied to on Casino Royale, the intention was to spend a long time scoring the film to "really work it out". He also said he would be "taking a different approach" with the score. Arnold composed the music based on impressions from reading the script, and Forster edited those into the film. Nice!


5. Sausage Party

Then in 2016, the film world brought us the arrival of sausage party. A humorous animated film about the life of our food and the realisation they face upon leaving the supermarkets. A wide variety of our percussion was hired out for this film which made it all the more interesting to watch. Instruments included a waterphone, djembe, caxixi, African shell shaker, bamboo wind chimes and more! We’ll be honest, we’re not completely sure which songs they were used for, but we know we were used for sound effects. Let us know if you can hear anymore! (Warning: Strong adult language is used in the clip below).


(and one more for good measure...)


6. Bourne Ultimatum

Our staff were asked to consult with the percussionists with instrument style and choice for the varied scenes in the last of the original Bourne trilogy. A rarity and always special to be asked!

 Pretty awesome right?


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