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Guildhall has already impacted my life, even after only one term here. So many things have happened but I never thought I’d ever have this much fun when being this busy. My name is Megan Landeg and I am currently in my first year studying for a BMus in Classical Percussion. I’m originally from South Wales so moving to London was quite a big change, but it has been far from a regret.

Over the last few years, I have tried to gain as much musical experience as possible. In 2013, I was a percussionist with the National Youth Music Theatre of Great Britain (NYMT) on their production of West Side Story. A production with NYMT consists of nearly 2 weeks of intense rehearsals every day followed by the “show” week, which for West Side Story was in Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. This was probably one of the most exciting projects I’ve been a part of and it really inspired me over the next few years to work to get into a music college as I knew this is what I wanted to do. The following year I did another production called The Ragged Child and then in 2015 I did their summer production of Sweet Charity which was yet again a massive success not to mention how fun it was.

During 2015, I also auditioned for the National Youth Ensembles of Wales. I decided to accept my place within the Brass Band. The Welsh Ensembles every year, take part on a two week course and tour around Wales. I had already played in a brass band and shortly after my time on the National Youth Brass Band of Wales, I joined Tredegar Town Band. The level of playing mixed with the standard of the pieces really helped my playing progress. I’ve done multiple concerts and contests around the UK as well as a tour to Amsterdam. We do many high profile concerts such as I October 2015, we played alongside Tim Minchin. In the summer of 2016, I was a part of the National Youth Orchestra of Wales and played pieces such as Concerto for Orchestra by Bartok and Ein Heldenleben by Strauss, all conducted by Carlo Rizzi. As soon as I finished the course, I had to pack up and move to London!

The term at Guildhall has been a whirlwind with being in the first term of my first year but I have loved every minute. There are so many percussion instruments available to us here which made me so excited to finally be able to play on instruments that I’ve never had the chance to or never even heard of! My favourite part of this term has probably got to be the world percussion and especially the samba classes. Our samba classes, every Friday, are led by Zands Duggan and include all year groups. I’m always so excited when I see Zands play as it shows such talent and being alongside all the year groups with all the different levels of talent really inspires me and just gets me so excited. It makes Fridays even better!

Guildhall has a great link with the musical theatre side of things being the only conservatoire in London to host both classical and jazz musicians as well musical theatre training. Every year we have the chance to be a part of an Opera project and a Musical project (as well as many more) and this is amazing for me as I aspire to be a musician in the West End pits. My dream job would be to be a part of the orchestra which records for movies. I find film sound tracks and sound effects so exciting which is why I’m so drawn towards the film industry and musical theatre industry. With the standard of tuition as well as the contacts that will become available to me here at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, I’m very excited to see what my future holds as a professional musician.

I’m shocked at how quickly this term has flown by but I’m so excited for my next term and the rest of my years here at Guildhall!


Megan Landeg



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