Indulge Indie: Vol.1

Indulge Indie: Vol.1

The best of Indie each week with Bell.

 The end of August 2019 begins a new era here at Bell with the Indulge Indie playlist. Discover new artists, weekly releases and more right here and on our brand new Spotify playlist. Get involved on our socials @bellperc to see your favourite weekly releases on the edit too. 

Sea Girls : Violet

Debuting their new track live on Annie Mac’s Friday night BBC 1 Radio show, Sea girls described their new release as; 
“If our other tracks are the shade, then Violet is definitely the light. There is no tortured soul here, just a boy who avoided the inevitable for years, suddenly realises, and throws himself wholeheartedly to someone who’s made for him. Put your face in a sink of ice-cold water and that’s how it makes me feel.”

     Phoebe Green : Easy Peeler

    Stripping back the societal norm of ‘modern relationships’, Phoebe Green releases ‘Easy Peeler’ as a roar from the crowd of the ever-building pressure of our online presence and expectations.

    Zuzu : Get Off

    After a roar of excitement in 2016, Liverpudlian born Zuzu has finally released her BBC Introducing hit ‘Get Off’. She explains that, “The sentiment of the song is about getting frustrated with other people’s judgements and criticism on how you choose to live your life… It’s me just trying to speak my mind at a time when I felt super judged.”

    Lana Del Rey - The Greatest 

    In her cinematic glory, Lana Del Rey is making waves with her latest releases, including the new addition of ‘The Greatest’. Perfecting the art of music movie making, Lana builds a story over ‘Fuck It I Love You’ and ‘The Greatest’ in high anticipation for her sixth studio album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ released today.

    The Night Café - Addicted 

    Re-furbishing their sound, The Night Café re-release their debut single ‘Addicted’ from their first official debut album since appearing on the scene in 2015, ‘0150’. Late nights and coffee compliment this track immensely.

    Bombay Bicycle Club : Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)

    Bombay Bicycle Club return with their ear-worming and soul captivating single in ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)'. With this being their first release in 5 years, it’s fair to say fans are fairly awake and eager, finally ending their long hiatus, we see the clouds lifting above London.

    Amber Run - The Darkness Has A Voice 

    The infectious Amber run release their fourth studio single ‘The Darkness Has A Voice’ in anticipation for their upcoming debut album this September. Full of crashing highs, this is a Friday pleaser!

    Elbow - Empires

    Elbow reincarnate the Post-Punk era in ‘Empires’, a true nod at some of our favourite soundtracks. With a darker twist the band reflect on death and disenchantment in the wake of government battles across the Western World.

    The Tones and I - The Kids Are Coming 

    Breakthrough Aussie artist The Tones and I releases her lead single ‘The Kids Are Coming’ from her debut EP on Elektra records. Full of potential no.1’s and unbelievably fresh beats, this is our one to watch for this year.

    Post Malone - Circles 

    Post Malone releases this indie inspired, hauntingly mind-triggering track ‘Circles’. With loops on replay, there’s no doubt this will be an instant favourite for the last weekend of Summer, especially with such a sudden shift in the wind. 

    Wasted Love - Everyone You Know

    Everyone You Know release the drifting euphoria that is ‘Wasted Love’. Slowly unveiling tracks from their ‘Look After Your Pennies’ EP, the band will have you reminiscing  of the closest people to your heart, so be prepared to either laugh or cry.


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