Indulge Indie: Vol.3

Indulge Indie: Volume.3

The Best of Indie each week with Bell.

Volume.3 of Indulge Indie welcomes not only some fantastic singles but also the release of some highly anticipated albums! Prepare for the glory of Indulge Indie this Friday.

Sam Fender : Call Me Lover  

Crafting his hypersonic missiles, Sam Fendertoday releases one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, with ‘Call Me Lover’ at it’s forefront. Emotional, raw and driving, we recommend you find the album, a coffee shop and your headphones, prepare, and indulge your Friday feels.

Rex Orange County : 10/10  

To (sort of) quote Rex Orange County, they did it again. The release of 10/10comes with the charming addition of the ‘super-natural’ inspired video. Holding an overwhelming comfort over the listener throughout, this song is an autumn at hello moment.

The Big Moon : Your Light  


The Big Moon have us howling at their latest track ‘Your Light’. Speaking on the new release they states, “…This song is about freeing yourself from all of it, just for a moment. It’s a thanks to the one person or thing in your life that knows how to come in and open your curtains and light up the darkness and restore your strength so that when you clatter back down into the real world you have the strength to fight your battles, whatever they are.”


Sports Team : Fishing  

Breaking news on Wednesday of a huge upcoming tour, Sports Teamunveil their gripping new hook ‘Fishing’. Filled with the brightest of key riffs, this will surely have you bopping no matter where you are.


FEET : Petty Thieving   


Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, FEETrelease ‘Petty Thieving’. Lyrically mature, the band still have a tight grip around capturing our attention with heavy riffs and a few friar tucks here and there.  


The Lumineers : Salt and the Sea 


Dividing their new album into quite literally into ‘III’, it’s the 3rdchapter where we find TheLumineershide the treasure of ‘The Salt and the Sea’. Coincidentally (or not really), the song was originally featured in M. Night Shyamalan’s recent movie “Glass”, featuring Samuel L. Jackson, James McEvoy and Bruce Willis.


Metronomy : Salted Caramel Ice Cream


On the mount of their brilliant brand-new album, and after keeping us clinging on for 3 years, Metronomyrelease the highly addictive ‘Salted Caramel Ice Cream’. For us, this is a 7 day a week kind of treat, I mean, who doesn’t give in to their cravings? Like their brand new album titles, Metronomy Forever.


APRE : 5 To 5


Ahead of their autumn shows with Inhaler, APRErelease their message driven single ’5 to 5’. Stating in a previous interview they explain that ‘5 to 5’ is, “about the hardships of getting too comfortable within your own life, feeling low about your social position, and being trodden on by the governmental system time and time again.”


Oddnesse : Donut Shop  


Filling our Friday’s with sticky sweet centred goodness, Oddnessesprinkle the sugar on top with ‘Donut Shop’, after a brief period of silence. And we’re hungry more!


Oh Wonder : Hallelujah  


Reaching the depths that fellow musicians hope to, Oh Wonderrelease the euphoric splendour that is ‘Hallelujah’. Paired with the most magnificent one-shot video, this is an exciting Friday for sure. Speaking on the new single, Oh Wonder stated “ ‘Hallelujah’ is a reminder to ourselves, as much as anyone else, to not care what people think of you, to work hard, be yourself and try your best. It’s our personal anthem of self-acceptance that we hope will encourage others to ‘wear their crowns’, no matter what anyone else says.”


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