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'Despacito' and the producers behind the desk. How using samples creates global hits. 

Spawning the dawn of a new era with one of the biggest pop songs in history, Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo have mastered the use of sampling from their very own Californian home. Decades in the making, we're not oblivious to the use of single sampling featured amongst the likes of Beyoncé, to name but one.
However, now it's possible to build a track from scratch, sample by sample, it's becoming a creative uprising.
Thankfully sampling marketplaces give power to those who want to recreate the ear-worming effects of 'Despacito'. Beneficial for all across the board, producers can now access instant and legal sounds at their fingertips. Owner of one of the worlds biggest marketplaces 'Splice', Steve Matocci recently stated, "We're at this era where software is the primary instrument."
The total profit from all of this is the sample packs producers are courted to make for fellow music makers, of which of course comes at a subscription fee for fellow users. Though there is a bright side of subscription fee's in 2019, Andrés himself also recently stated, "... when we were starting out, a big producer that had a lot of success will always sound better than a small producer because they had the money to buy all these expensive things. Now it's fair. It's just creativity. Who is the most creative person that can make the most interesting song? Because everybody can sound good."


Rebecca Boulton & Andy Robinson (New Order / Joy Division) are set to receive the Managers' Manager Award sponsored by SJM Concerts this November.


Long-time managers of New Order, Andy Robinson, and Rebecca Boulton have worked endlessly to keep the spotlight on one of the UK's most iconic and influential bands for 20 years of a 40 year legacy. Lest us forget 'Blue Monday' as still the best-selling 12" of all time. 
Previously named Joy Division, the now known New Order stood silent for an entire decade. But with the dedication of Boulton and Robinson, the band have now seen their career bloom with a series of headline festival appearances and shows worldwide. 
Hosted by The Music Managers Forum (MMF) and the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), the Manager's Manager award highlights the respect gained by an individual or company's peers over a sustained career. Previously awarded to Modest Mangement in 2018, a huge congratulations stands in line for Rebecca and Andy this November. 

Is Artificial Intelligence about to transform the sync industry?

AI has been at the core of multiple music industry debates during the last few years with regards to how and if it will be impacting the industry’s future.

Opinions vary and many are controversial as people fear machines could completely replace human beings. A small example of this is the songwriting and composing tools now being manufactured to be capable of producing music from scratch.

What we’d like to think of, is that Artificial Intelligence could be a very big help in complementing human’s working force, rather than just replacing it. This seems exactly to be what happened with one of the biggest music libraries around, Audio Network, which recently partnered with the Singapore-based Musiio, a machine learning company.

The collaboration is  allowing Audio Network’s clients to search through their library at a significantly faster speed, potentially searching up to one million tracks in under two seconds. The aim is, of course, to make people’s lives’ easier by speeding up the research process for big sync agencies and TV/movie/video game/ad houses, and making their catalogue more accessible on a global scale.

For the industry’s future, this means that we can co-operate with AI to maintain artistic input and contribution into the optimisation of the technology driven industry ahead.

UK Music calls on government to ensure that music benefits from new education funding.

Music education isn’t living in one of its best moments, seeing its funds being cut by government and causing teaching standards to drop down over the last few years. Given that the music industry contributes £4.5 billion a year to the UK economy, shouldn’t we really start to do something about it and begin investing in our future?

Luckily, there are some companies like UK Music that have decided to give an active contribution to the cause. Calling out on the government to use part of the new funds pledged to respond to music education’s crisis, securing  £7.1 billion over the next three years.

The government’s plan to launch a fund to invest in youth centres has also been put in place, as well as other initiatives that benefit musicians at different stages in their careers. Such as the BPI-managed Music Export Growth Scheme, which allows artists who have gained momentum in the UK to explore new opportunities in new markets.

This looks like a small but very important milestone towards reversing the recent funding cuts, and ensuring proper investments will be secured for the imminent future.


YouTube Music name Mahalia as the next UK artists on the rise. 

Following on from being part of YouTube's Foundry Programme supporting emerging artists, to being named as YouTube's biggest artist on their 2019 Ones To Watch List at the end of last year, Mahalia has had us in the palm of her hand, and there we stand in awe. 
Releasing her debut album on September the 6th, it hasn't taken long for Mahlia to become one of YouTube's top Artists on the Rise. Speaking in gratitude, Mahlia states, "I can honestly say that I can't believe I'm writing this! It is such an honour to be chosen as YouTube Music's Artist on the Rise!" And continues to say, "YouTube has played such a huge role in the growth of my career. From posting Arctic  Monkeys covers when I was 11 to releasing official videos with them over the years, it has been a real journey and I truly think the best is yet to come...".



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