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Atlas Music Publishing team with Quincy Jones for joint venture. 

Music Industry legend, Quincy Jones, has reportedly teamed up with Atlas Music Publishing. Founded by former Cherry Lane Music Executive Richard Stumpf, the company represents the likes of Ed Sheeran, Drake, Nicky Minaj, John Legend and Eddie Van Halen to name a few.

Speaking on their previous relationship, Atlas founder Richard Stumpf stated, “My history with Quincy dates back to the mid-2000’s. I’ve never met a more inspiring and gracious person with such worldly knowledge beyond music. Through this joint venture, Atlas is humbled to be able to support Quincy, Adam Fell and the rest of the Quincy Jones team as they bring the best out of young writers, who like us, are drawn to his magic.”

Adding in on the excitement, well established artist manager Scooter Braun gave his badge of admiration on arrival of the news stating, “Quincy Jones is an undeniable legend with a proven ear and eye for true talent – I’ve admired him my entire life. It’s an honour to have him as a partner in our publishing business, making the possibilities of what we can provide to our writers and artists endless.”


With Quincy Jones himself also stating, “It’s an absolute honour to join forces with Atlas, and my brothers Rich and Scooter, to create a home for not only incredible musicians, but incredible songs.”


We look forward to the work produced by this entire powerhouse and its’ creators.


 The billion-stream sensation that is Lewis Capaldi, and how he came to be in the words of his manager Ryan Walter. 

Where did Lewis Capaldi come from? Sure, we know he’s Scotland born and bred, but how did he become one of the UK’s fastest-selling artists in such a short amount of time? No one could explain this better than his long-term manager, Ryan Walter.

After he independently released his first track Bruisesin March 2017, Capaldi went on to be named as one of Vevo’s ‘Artists to Watch’ later that year, whilst growing a loyal fanbase around the UK with huge support and public praise by the likes of fellow musicians James Bay and Sam Smith, who he also supported on his European tour.

It wasn’t long until his next hit single ‘Someone You Loved’ reached over more than a billion streams worldwide and climbed up the Billboard Hot 100. All building to his successful reign in the charts and place within the industry as he sells out his 2020 UK arena tour in ten minutes flat.

Speaking on how he discovered Capaldi and the craziness behind the eruption to fame, Ryan Walter himself recently stated, “I went to America for a break for a couple of months, then spent five months just looking for a special musical talent online. And that’s when I found Lewis. I was in my mum’s house, and I stumbled across a recording of Lewis on SoundCloud singing into his iPhone in his bedroom. Immediately I thought; ‘This is amazing, I’m in.’ “

Speaking on his next moves, Walter went on to say, “I messaged Lewis on SoundCloud and was on a plane the next day to Dumfries, where he was playing a 30 mins set at an open mic night, and I recorded it all on my iPhone. Then I called him, told him he was incredible, and then for the next six months, while he was still at college in Glasgow, I’d pay for him to fly down to London and stay at my house so he could do writing sessions. When I spoke to Lewis initially, I was pretty against doing a major label deal. I felt I could build a team around us and do something outside the box. But I sat Lewis down and said, ‘If a major deal is what you want then my job is to facilitate that.’ I presented both sides of the argument. We brought in Berkley Edwards from Clintons on legal, and I explained who I would like to approach about Lewis’s music. Word got out and the crazy money offers started coming in – this is before we put the first song out!”

And when it came to the inevitable realisation an eruption was in the works, Walter explained his gut prediction of this being ‘the one’, “…one day, Lewis goes into the studio with TMS and writes two songs in a day; I heard a verse and chorus of [Someone You Loved] and just thought, Wow. When we put out that song, straight away, the early signs showed there was something in it.  It went Top 10 on iTunes UK off the back off one radio play, and is climbing the Billboard Hot 100 each week. I dare not dream it, but there’s a feeling it could go all the way.”

Find the full interview, here


 BBC to launch a new music education programme for young children. 

A brand-new educational programme has been launched by the BBC with the aim of encouraging more children to enjoy and make music.


Targeting four to seven years olds, the new programme, Bring The Noise, will provide resources for parents and teachers as well as a series of educational videos. The programme has been backed by popular artists and musicians such as hitmakers Nile Rodgers, Zara Larsson, JP Cooper and YolanDa Brown who declared, “The heartbeat of every generation are children and it is important that we nurture them and teach them to dream. I am pleased to be an ambassador of the Bring The Noise campaign, introducing children all around the country to music, music making and the endless joy that comes with it”.


The British Recorded Music Industry's Trade Association, also known as BPI is also supporting the project as they express their concerns about the recent decline of music education, with funds being cut in public schools and not enough initiatives taken to motivate children picking up an instrument.

Ian Moss, the trade group’s Director Of Public Affairs, recently declared, “We’ve seen an alarming drop-off in access to music in state schools, which could threaten the long-term success of British music. Creating practical access to music in schools can bring wider benefits to young people – stimulating performance, encouraging confidence and cohesion, and providing a creative outlet for their talent. Denying pupils access to music is a huge false economy, and we are delighted to support BBC Education’s timely ‘Bring The Noise’ initiative.”


Spotify expand their artist services by acquiring SoundBetter.

 The ever-expanding monument that is Spotify continue to increase their range of tools and services for all music innovators, makers and creators to use at their fingertips. 


The latest acquisition lands upon the company SoundBetter, a US-based networking platform that aims to connect artists and labels with the wider community of vocalists, songwriters, record producers, session musicians and sound engineers. With the key goal being, a means to finding and hiring the right creative people at the time you need it the most. 


Celebrating their newest purchase, Spotify earlier sent a message amongst the social waves stating, "Community. It's tough to imagine a concept so integral to the career of every artist, manager and label that's so difficult to crack. The truth is, community doesn't just happen overnight - it takes time, dedication and work to build a network you can trust with the most important parts of your career." 


 To find out more about their new service, all information can be found at the button of Google and Spotify's homepage. In the words of Spotify, this is surely to take over as "the world's leading music talent marketplace." 


Written by Sara Pulice and Holly Loweth.




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