RCM Scholarship: Joley's Journey Semester One

Hello, my name is Joley and I am a second-year masters percussion student at The Royal College of Music, London.


The 2017-2018 academic year has commenced, and I was delighted to be informed that I shall continue to hold the Bell Music award for my final year of my masters degree at the RCM. I am hoping it will be interesting to read a postgraduates full journey, from just beginning their masters at the RCM, all the way through to finishing their degree. I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank Mike and his team at Bell Music for generously giving this award to a student from the percussion faculty each year. It has helped relieve some financial burden and will allow me to give more attention to my studies in my last year of my degree.


We are just over a month into the term, and already I have played in numerous projects and masterclasses. Chris Ridley from the Royal Opera House has come in to do a class on Beethoven’s  ‘Fidelio’, and Andy Barclay worked with the department on Britten’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. I am currently in rehearsals as principal percussion of the RCM symphony orchestra, and this week we are to perform at Royal Festival Hall under the baton of Vladimir Ashkenazy which I am really looking forward to.


Currently, the RCM is excitingly being transformed through the ‘More Music: Reimagining the Royal College of Music’ project, which has meant that a few of the larger rehearsals have been in venues close to the college whilst the new organ is installed in the concert hall.This has allowed Bell Music and the RCM to once again work closely together, as Bell are providing the instruments for our external venue rehearsals, and it is a testament to the company that the section has been extremely happy with the instruments provided. Thank you Bell, and more from me soon….





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