The Making Of Woodtopia In Pictures

This year at Bell we wanted to show how serious we are about providing the best service we can and decided to stock every stick from as many brands as we could, helping us to eventually have the largest stick collection on the planet. The idea? To give you the best selection of drumsticks you could possibly choose from.

Welcome to Woodtopia!

1. How many sticks?!

The ordering began relatively early in 2017. This has kept our shop boys incredibly busy. Either that or they've surgically grafted the telephone receivers to their respective faces. We're not quite sure.

2. Where do we put them?

Once the drumsticks had been ordered, the new displays arrived, custom-built to fit every single stick, some even include drum pad drawers such as Vater's below and vibrant colourful designs like Zildjian's.


3. Wood anyone?

The design of the shop display was then underway, starting with the design of our Woodtopia signage, completely hand-crafted by the finest wood carving artisans the world has ever know. That's not strictly true... one of our guys went to B&Q and now we have a sign but it doesn't sound as impressive as the other story..

4. Which letters, where?

After the stenciling we carved out the letters and continued to sand and varnish them, leaving them to dry for a few days until enough varnish was applied and dried. Henry the hoover also seemed to enjoy lending a nose but we're beginning to grow suspicious of his persistent grinning.

7. The Leafy addition

To enhance the experience of Woodtopia we decided to include foliage to resemble walking whimsically through the woods.

8. Enter Woodtopia

Voila! Here it is - the full range with twelve different brands, numerous wonderful displays. Drum kits and practice pads to try it all out on. Mix all of that with the craftmanship and expertise from our own team's wood-carving-wizardry. Sprinkle it with a mind-altering knowledge base courtesy of our shop team and you have yourself - Woodtopia. Come on in!


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