The Top 10 Gifts For Drummers This Christmas

Okay, we say it every year but where has this year actually gone. It feels like only yesterday I was singing Auld Lang Syne but that was almost a year ago... A YEAR AGO!

Anyway, you're not here to read about my rapid descension into old age. You're here to get some ideas on Christmas prezzies for that special drummer in your life. You know they like drums and drumming related activities but that doesn't really help you when it comes to buying them a gift. The drumming world is littered with thousands of variations on sticks, drum heads, cymbals & accessories so where do you start?

We thought we'd help a little by constructing a list of our top selling gifts for this festive season. Enjoy.


1.  The Meinl 12" 'Benny Greb' Practice Pad - £29.00

Us drummers need to practice a lot but this isn't always the easiest activity to organise. Our instruments are large, bulky and make a hell of a lot of noise. That's where this little fellow comes in. It enables practice without the large instruments and thundering noise.

What makes it a good gift?
  • It feels like a real drum - The surface emulates the natural rebound experienced when using a real drum head.
  • Large playing area - The surface is large enough to allow for a full range of practice motions without being cumbersome.
  • No moving around - The foam underside prevents the pad from slipping when played on a table or chair. It also mounts
  • It will last - The incredibly durable surface. This is important when hitting repeatedly with sticks.
  • It's designed by Benny Greb - He's like a magical wizard behind a drum kit by the way.


2.  Deluxe Leather Stick Bag - Brown - £160.00

There are stick bags and then there are stick bags - this one is the latter. Made from the finest leather from the same country that brought us Armani, Versace, and Prada, this handmade stick bag really is a thing of beauty and has been made with traditional craftsmanship that seems to be a dying breed these days!

What makes it a good gift?
  • The gift receiver will probably have never seen anything like it - Stick bags are a decent gift, but every drummer has seen a standard stick bag before. This particular item is very special indeed and looks like no other.
  • It will last a lifetime - The bag is made from the finest saddle leather and is beautifully thick, meaning that it would take an awful lot to destroy it. (Disclaimer: it will only last a lifetime if you treat it with the respect if deserves)
  • It comes with a gift box - It's already prepared to be given to that special someone. The experience of opening this gift is akin to that of opening a box containing a new pair of Italian shoes.
  • It's Italian - Pasta, Pizza, and Mario Bros are tried and tested success stories. The maker of this stick bag has no reason to change that winning Italian formula.


3.  The Ching Ring FX Jingle - £10.00

A relatively new addition to the Meinl family is this very simple but ingenious percussion accessory. It's incredibly versatile and will add an extra dimension to many parts of the drum kit with minimal effort. Whether you place it on top on the hi-hats, ride, or snare, it really will add an extra bit of class. It even jingles - perfect for Christmas.

What makes it a good gift?
  • It's a very useful addition to any players kit - The Ching Ring can be used all over the kit to add a different flavour to whichever part of the kit the player chooses to place it on. 
  • Perfect stocking filler - This item is small enough to sneak in beside the obligatory Terry's Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Coins inside the Christmas stocking.
  • Inexpensive! - We understand that the percussive world contains some pretty expensive gear, however, this is an absolute steal for such a useful and great sounding item.
  • It will last - Good solid German engineering at its best. Nuff said.


4.  The Pearl Tech Tool - 13 Gig Ready Tools - £17.99

The Pearl Tech Tool is the Swiss Army Knife for drummers. Drummer's often require numerous tools in order to tweak, position, attach, or fix different drums and pieces of hardware. This handy tool contains all of those usually individual tools in one place. Trekking to gigs can be a sweaty experience at the best of times, so lightening the load when you get given the chance is always a good idea.

What makes it a good gift?
  • It will definitely be used and appreciated - We are all familiar with unwanted gifts, however, this is no such gift. This is incredibly useful and will probably save the day at many gigs and recordings down the line!
  • It's compact - Another great stocking filler. Even once Christmas has been and gone, it will also fit quite comfortably in his or her pocket. 
  • It has a bottle opener - I don't need to expand on this


5.  The Tune-Bot Gig Drum Tuner - £54.99

This Tune-Bot Drum Tuner is a nifty little tool that allows drummers of all tuning levels to tune a drum kit to perfection. This very easy to use aid comes with instructions and walks you through the process step by step. Ultimately, the Tune-Bot clips onto the drums, you tap the drum, then the LCD screen tells you what you need to do in order to make the drum sound better. That's the jargon-free breakdown. 

What makes it a good gift?
  • It will make his/her kit sing - There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a perfectly tuned drum kit. Many players have real trouble getting the sound they want, so this tool enables those players to crack the code.
  • Easy to use - Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Tune-Bot is very easy to use. Can't complain about that.
  • Compact and lightweight - The Tune-Bot doesn't take up much space at all and weighs next to nothing, so can slip into your gig bag and you wouldn't even know it was there.
  • It sounds cool - Tune-Bot. Tune-Bot. Tune-Bot. I can keep saying it and I don't get bored. Tune-Bot. Brilliant name. Robots are cool.


6.  The Schlagwerk 2in1 Snare Cajon - £129.00

Cajons have really surged in popularity over the last few years and they are a valuable asset to any drummer/percussionist. Ultimately, a cajon is a drum kit in the form of one single box, and the drum stool is the cajon itself! The player ultimately sits on the cajon, then taps or slaps it at different points of the "box" so create the desired sound. There is a lot more to this amazing instrument and the sky's the limit when it comes to what you can really do with it, but someone who has never ever heard of a cajon before can easily tap away and pick it up incredibly fast. Even non-percussionists love this instrument.

What makes it a good gift?
  • It's fun and accessible! - The cajon is very satisfying to play and anyone can pick it up - even those who say they don't have a musical bone in their body.
  • It doesn't take up much space - Unlike a drum kit, the cajon doesn't make much of a footprint at all. Also, when it's not being used it can be put in the cupboard, on top of the wardrobe or even under the bed! In saying that, these instruments actually look pretty good and could be left in the living room to be used as a stool.
  • It makes gigging a lot easier - Imagine playing a gig and not having to take your whole drum kit with you? Well the cajon makes this dream a reality. There are loads of different bags available, but a popular choice is the Schlagwerk rucksack style cajon bag. Now you have a drum kit on your back and both hands free! 
  • You can expand if you want - There are dozens of cajon accessories out there and you can do much more with this instrument than meets the eye. For example, you can get different sounds that can attach onto the side, you can attach a cajon bass pedal to it, or you can even use the cajon as a bass drum and add standard drum kit pieces around it in order to make it more like an actual kit.


7.  The Original 14" Dampening Ring - £26.00

This dampening ring is a popular choice with many of todays players. It instantly turns any snare into a big, fat, 70's sounding drum. Until now it has either been a case of changing the whole head to something thicker (which takes a few minutes and still wouldn't achieve the effect of this dampening ring), or sticking a number of drums gels or gaffer on top of the existing head. With the BFSD Original 14" Dampening Ring you can put it on or take it off between songs if you want - it's that quick and easy.

What makes it a good gift?
  • It sounds great - The dampening ring really does transform any snare drum immediately into a different beast.
  • It's hassle-free - It's as simple as placing it on top of the existing head, then removing it when you're done. No clips or sticky bits, just pure ease.
  • It won't go unnoticed - People will ask what you have done to your snare to make it sound the way it does. It's actually quite a challenge to organically achieve the big fat sound that this ring creates. 


8.  The Zildjian Low Volume Cymbal Set - £275.00

This low volume cymbal pack is perfect for the drummer that needs to practice, teach, or gig somewhere that has noise restrictions (or perhaps the drummer that simply wants to give their ears a rest). With this cymbal pack you can still smash the living daylights out of your cymbals, but the neighbours won't send a sneaky complaint letter through the door about the incessant drumming!

What makes it a good gift?
  • It feels like a real, full-volume cymbal - These cymbals still feel the same as the real deal, but are 80% quieter.
  • They sound great - Although these are much quieter than your typical cymbal, they still sound really good.
  • They're light - If you do need to carry these around, then they weigh far less that traditional cymbals and will make your journey much more pleasant.
  • They look cool! - With the unusual holes and matte finish, these low volume cymbals look the business!


9.  The Vater Vintage Bomber Beater - £27.00

The Vater Vintage Bomber Beater is a fantastic addition to any drummer's kit bag and will bring the old school jazz sound to their bass drum in a second. With a cork centre and puffy synthetic covering, this really does offer a very similar vibe to the traditional lambs wool alternative.

What makes it a good gift?
  • Vater know their stuff - This is a quality item made by a name you can trust.
  • Strong - The beater shaft is made of strong steel so it should last you as long as you need it to as long as you treat it right!
  • Great sound and feel - The Bomber Beater really does transform the sound of your bass drum, and adds that little bit of extra class which won't go unnoticed. It evens feels nice to play.


10.  The Pro Mark 4 for 3 Stick Deal - £28.50

The Promark Perfect Balance Drumsticks are a relatively new addition to the drumming world and they are very clever indeed. Whether you're consciously aware of it or not, you will have a preference of a forward balance stick or a rebound balanced stick. Promark have very cleverly designed a forward and rebound stick for the five most popular stick sizes. very clever indeed.

What makes it a good gift?
  • Drummers need sticks - If you have a drum kit, then you need sticks.
  • Promark know what they're doing - Arguably the leading stick brand, these sticks are very well made and feel great to play. made from hickory, these are sure to last longer than the average stick.
  • Stocking filler - Another great stocking filler and always a welcome gift to any drummer.
  • Unique design - Promark are the only guys to make such a stick and you will be surprised as to the options available.


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