Welcome To The All New Bellperc.com

Hello you...

Long time no see, or did I see you yesterday? I can't edit this bit to suit each wonderful individual who sees it so pick the most relevant opening line and we'll move on.

We've been beavering away furiously over the last couple of months to build the best site we've ever had and It gives us great pleasure to present to you the all-new, all-improved bellperc.com.

It seems appropriate at this point to use a generic stock image of a builder prepping some stuff to illustrate our website build. People do this in blogs for some reason... don't they?

For those of you who don't know, we've had quite a few changes here over the past few years. We opened our new studio facility in January 2015 as well as building an extension to our shop. After this we expanded our hire fleet with the introduction of a new backline department including amps, PA, guitars, microphones, DJ equipment and quite a bit more. In early 2016 we launched the Bell Music Academy. Offering lessons in guitar, keys, bass, vocals, saxophone and of course... drums.

After all this, we gave ourselves 5 minutes to catch our breath and have a cup of tea, some of us even dunked a biscuit in the aforementioned tea - crazy I know.

Bell have been an established player in the hire and sales scene for over 25 years and with our now bigger and better service, the next step was obvious. We needed to create the biggest, brightest, best functioning, all encompasing website we could possibly manage.

After many days and weeks slaving over a hot keyboard, the job is done. We introduce to you - Bell Music - the one stop shop for beginner, amatuer and professional musicians alike.

With all-new features like 'live chat' and 'Apple pay', we're confident that the latest digital version of ourselves will make shopping and ordering with us easier and quicker than ever.

Within the next few weeks we'll be incorporating our studio booking site and music academy site into the new bellperc.com so bear with us, it'll all be worth the wait.

If you have any suggestions or any other features you'd like to see on the site, we're always happy to hear them.

Until we meet again... stay fancy!




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