As Plato was once rumoured to say “never have I cast my eyes on such a retail product so fluffy”. Some see these words as prophetic, some revolutionary but most, misguided. Whatever ones view is of orchestral bass drum mallets, the astonishing range and scope has never been more impressive.

Bass drum mallets are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and models. Some have a core of wood, a few with cork and some with other things. Chamois has always been a word that doesn’t look like it should and quite difficult to spell. Interestingly however, Chamois leather has been used liberally within the bass drum mallet world, primarily for small headed examples that reach their mission in life within the remit of late romantic, contemporary and modern orchestral works.

As all quadroploganists will know The Rite of Spring has two parts, the Adoration of the Earth and The Sacrifice - Quadroploganists of course is the collective for orchestral bass drum players who are gifted with the single ability to play in 4/4. Back to the Rite, At the end of the Adoration of the Earth, the bass drum part is written in fast triplets that need to be defined and articulate. Only small headed beaters can manage this and Chamois leather is the professionals choice. Other coverings are available namely, sewn felt, simulated lambswool and the husk of a Tibetan Yak. Shafts, hickory, maple or some rare examples of Bolivian oak.

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