Around about the same time as the first genocide of humans, we figured out that you can stretch animal skin to create a drum. Some 30,000 or so years later we had the light bulb moment of putting a number of drums together in order to create a drum kit. Hey presto – let the bish-bash-boshing-boom-tickling commence. There could be a lot more information to present to you, however, Mike Portnoy is a happy man with his Siamese Monster and that’s all that really matters. Google Mike Portnoy Siamese Monster and prepare to laugh or cry – whatever happens, you’ll most probably spit out your Sugar Puffs.

The Drum Kit is gaining in popularity and this is highlighted by the fact that there seems to be a new drum company popping up every couple of days, so competition is fierce. With all these acoustic drum kits receiving the Tyson Treatment, neighbours across the world are complaining about the incessant noise coming through their wall, socks, and Royal Doulton crockery collection. The solution to this is, of course, is the electric drum kit. Not only can you stick headphones in and have a quiet play with yourself, but you can also connect it to an amp and have a jam sandwich with your mates when nagging Norma from next door goes out to meet Nigel for some nasty noodles.

Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid 20"Bd 4pc Shell Pack - Gold Champange Sparkle -
Gretsch Brooklyn USA Bop Shell Pack - Creme Oyster -
Gretsch Catalina Club 4pc Bop Shell Pack - Natural Satin -
Pearl Decade Maple 20"bd Drum Set - Satin Slate Black -
DW Design Series 5pc LA Fusion Shell Pack - Cherry Stain -
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Artic Sparkle
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Blue Sparkle
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Red Wine
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Smokey Chrome
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit with Cymbals / Hardware - Jet Black
Export EXX 22" LA Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Jet Black