Electronic percussion used to divide people a lot more than it does today. The purists out there are becoming fewer and fewer, however, rewind even 10 years ago and there weren’t that many electronic percussionists out there compared to today. 

The simple fact is that there are things that you can’t do on a kit and the likes of the Roland SPD-SX allows the player to achieve these once impossible tasks – and what’s wrong with that? Once upon a time there was no such thing as a double bass drum pedal, but people saw this as a way to expand on what’s possible and to create new sounds, so hey-ho, that’s that.

On the topic of the double pedal, a lot of people that were against it probably believed that it was a sign of laziness, and this also rings true for electronic percussion. The likes of Jojo Mayer can create what seem like electronic sounds from an acoustic kit, but it’s just that he’s taken a lot of time to work on the different sounds that one can create from a kit and perhaps an element of clever mic placement.

 In short, electronic percussion provides more options and is a valuable tool for any professional and aspiring musician (drummer or not), and that can only be a positive thing.

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