Pyraline is not just a lesser known super hero but also a specialist material that is used in the range of Chalklin Glockenspiel Mallets. Chalklin MS2 and BS2 enjoys a ball of Pyraline as its head which is in turn connected to either a birch or rattan shaft. Other heads available within the world of glockenspiel mallets include various plastics, brass, rubber, aluminium and rosewood to name a few.


The head being an significant element of a glockenspiel mallet shares its importance with the shaft. Birch and rattan are the most popular but other shafts are available that use plastic based materials that vary in their rigidity. In general terms a rattan shaft has more flexibility and can bend to a significant angle before breaking. Rattan shafts are usually preferred by professionals whereas the birch shaft is more rigid and generally used in the education market.


Manufacturers of glockenspiel mallets can be found worldwide but historically the UK, US and western Europe have been strong suppliers of the product. Some glockenspiel mallets are more suited to others within the orchestral repertoire. For example in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Dukas writes for an intricate solo glockenspiel part at speed which requires smaller headed mallets. However some of the Mahler symphonies require more volume and weight of sound which would call for a heavier and probably larger headed mallet.

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