The humble guiro – where do we start with this little gem? The guiro originated in South America and is a very effective tool within Latin music. Its distinctive sound is created from scraping up and down the guiro with a stick, or other tool of choice. A rake-shaped metallic claw is often a popular alternative used in order to create different textures. Guiro players can either perform a short sound or a long sound, but both tend to be done within any given pattern.

Singers are often the ones playing the guiro and the rhythmic properties of the instrument tie in well with the percussion section. There are even guiro’s out there that also act as shakers – mental. A guiro can be made from pretty much any material, but if you pick one up at random, then it will most probably be made out of wood, fiberglass, metal or plastic. In saying that, if you fancy making one out of paper mache or praseodymium, then give it a pop.

Cuban Style Guiro
LP Cuban Style Guiro -
Merengue Güiras - Small with Scrapper
Meinl Merengue Güiras - Small with Scrapper -
Multi-Guiro 2
LP Multi-Guiro 2 -
LP Multi-Guiro 2 £49.00
Super Guiro
Super Guiro
LP Super Guiro £33.00