Hardcase cases truly are some of the greatest hard cases on this pale blue dot that we call planet Earth. Whether you’re touring with arena level bands, touring in a smelly transit playing local pubs and clubs or you need something to ‘accidentally’ bash into the shins of people on the tube who need to learn the meaning of personal space, you can guarantee that your precious drums will be safe and sound inside one of these beauties.

It’s no wonder they’re the case of choice for a lot of artists. Their artist roster includes Benny Greb, Carl Palmer, Gavin Harrison, Josh Devine, Nicko McBrain and Ryan Van Poederooyan.

They don’t just create cases for drum kit, you can also get cases for steel pan, traditional indian drums, celtic drums and latin percussion to name just a few.

You can also choose from a range of colours to help you truly pimp out your backline set up.

10" Djembe Case
Hardcase 10" Djembe Case - bellperc.com
10" Piccolo Snare Case
Hardcase 10" Piccolo Snare Case - bellperc.com
10" Snare Case
Hardcase 10" Snare Case - bellperc.com
10" Tom Case
Hardcase 10" Tom Case - bellperc.com
10"+12" Combo Case
Hardcase 10"+12" Combo Case - bellperc.com
12" Djembe Case
Hardcase 12" Djembe Case - bellperc.com
12" Doumbek Case
Hardcase 12" Doumbek Case - bellperc.com
12" Tom Case
Hardcase 12" Tom Case - bellperc.com
12"+13" Combo Case
Hardcase 12"+13" Combo Case - bellperc.com
12/13/16ft/14S/22Bd Pre-Packed Case Set
Hardcase 12/13/16ft/14S/22Bd Pre-Packed Case Set - bellperc.com
13" Piccolo Snare Case
Hardcase 13" Piccolo Snare Case - bellperc.com
13" Snare Case
Hardcase 13" Snare Case - bellperc.com