Latin percussion refers to percussive instruments used in Latin music. Although stemming from Africa, Latin music predominantly started life in Latin America. The list of percussion used in this particular idiom is extensive and also very versatile. Many contemporary compositions which aren’t particularly “Latin” will make use of the Latin sounds to add a bit of spice to their pop or rock tune.

Congas, bongos, cowbells, tambourines and shakers all belong to the Latin Percussion family. Lest not forget the humble claves which are probably the most well-known instruments out of the Latin bunch as many of us can probably remember clicking these two bits of wood together as children at school.

Latin Percussion (LP) is also the name of the most popular brand of Latin percussion instruments. LP started life in 1964, and only really started due to the shortage of Cuban imports coming through to the states at that time. Before too long he found a market for his products and LP soon became the highest selling ethnic percussion company in the world. As well as manufacturing the classic Latin drums, LP have also created their own items such as the LP One Shot Shaker, Vibraslap, Vibratone, and Jam Blocks.

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