What’s better than having a big drum strapped to your front while you walk about? Having multiple drums strapped to your front while you walk about.

These lightweight toms give marching bands a melodic element to their already rich rhythmic sound. The tom’s open underside helps project the sound across large distances like football fields and the shallow depth gives a punchier sound for extra stick definition; remember, it’s not the size that counts but how you use it!

Solid hardware, great build quality and a superb sound makes these toms an essential in any drum line or even an interesting quirk when slotted into other genres of music.

Majestic 10/12/13" Endeavor Multi-Toms Trio - bellperc.com
Majestic 14" x 10" Endeavor Marching Snare Drum - bellperc.com
Pearl Bass Drum Mallet Holder with Rim Shooters - bellperc.com
Majestic Field Xylophone - bellperc.com
Majestic Marching bells light (carrier included) - MK300 - bellperc.com
Majestic Quantum Vibraphone 3 Octave Silver Anodized - bellperc.com