A Marimba is a Xylophone that’s not been slacking at the gym, therefore you need a mallet to match such a beast, and boy oh boy do we have a varied selection for you!

Because a Marimba has resonance tubes, the mallets need to be effective in bringing out the full tone and warmth that the instrument can provide - while most mallets are similar in design, the differences lie in the heads. Harder heads provide much more definition and attack on each note, while softer heads provide a creamy, smooth sound that can put any screaming child to sleep. 

It’s also worth considering the shape of your head, with oval mallets giving a rounder, fuller tone and mushroom heads adding even more bite and attack if you fancy piercing any eardrums within a 10 meter radius.

Marimba mallets come in a variety of weights for any situation, whether you want a lighter stick, or a heavier wood crushing mallet which is also useful for being launched at any unsuspecting victim, we’ve got you covered.

And finally, wood selection - most mallets are crafted from the finest Birch or Rattan. Birch is an unforgiving mistress with very little flexibility but more accuracy; whereas Rattan is supple like a particularly supple thing and therefore hard notes feel like pillows and you even get a little bit of rebound. 

Chalklin BS16 Birch Hard Marimba Mallets - bellperc.com
Malletech MB8 Michael Burritt Series Marimba Mallets - bellperc.com
Chalklin MS16 Rattan Medium Hard Marimba Mallets - bellperc.com
Chalklin MS17 Rattan Medium Soft Marimba Mallets - bellperc.com
Chalklin MS18 Rattan Soft Marimba Mallets - bellperc.com