Meinl Cymbals started back in 1951 by a fine man named Roland Meinl. This is, as we all know, the very same year in which Charles F. Blair Jr made the first ever solo flight across the North Pole. It’s also the same year in which Scrooge was filmed – perhaps Charles didn’t get to sit on Santa’s lap and Alastair Sim’s performance was based on him.

Anyway. Things have moved up a notch or two from the days when Mr. Meinl made the cymbals himself, then cycled them to the train station to be sent off to shops! They currently have 11 series under their belt, ranging from the starter HCS range up to the more complex Byzance Meinl cymbals. There aren’t many limitations when it comes to the different sounds up for grabs, and the artist’s roster highlights the variety in what’s available. On one side you have heavy-hitter Thomas Lang with the Meinl Generation X cymbals, then on the other hand, there’s the incredibly tasteful Richard Spaven with his more gentle approach on the Byzance Extra Dry range.

Whether you play Metal, Pop, Nerdcore, or Nuerofunk, give them a smack when you get the chance and see what they have to offer. Also – eat less salt, we hear it’s bad for you.

Meinl Byzance 21" Transition Ride Cymbal -
Meinl Byzance Briliant 16" China Cymbal -
Meinl Byzance Briliant 18" China Cymbal -
Meinl Byzance Brilliant 14" Fast Hi Hats -
Meinl Byzance Brilliant 20" Medium Crash Cymbal -
Meinl Byzance Dark 10" Splash Cymbal -
Meinl Byzance Dark 14" Hi-Hats -
Meinl Byzance Dark 15" Hi-Hat Cymbals -
Meinl Byzance Dark 16" Crash Cymbal -
Meinl Byzance Dark 18" China Cymbal -
Meinl Byzance Dark 18" Crash Cymbal -
Meinl Byzance Dark 20" Big Apple Ride -