Let’s start this by examining the origin of the word miscellaneous. The Latin words for mix and mixed are miscere and miscellus respectively, which inspired the word miscellaneus. In the 17th century we simply stole the word for the English language by adding one more letter – and that’s that. Very exciting.

Now, when we take this word and embrace it within the magnificent world of percussion, we are basically talking about a “mixed’ bag of goods and items that don’t really “belong” anywhere “else”. Often these misc instruments are found in studios more than live and are great for sound effects. In saying that, it’s not impossible to find an eclectic looking front man using an LP Cricket Effect in the hippest joint in Shoreditch.

Speaking of LP, they are the brand that provide the most miscellaneous and FX instruments. A close second would be the likes of Meinl, and most of Meinl’s FX are intended for drum kit players as opposed to LP’s which are more for the hand percussionist or studio session player.

So whether you’re after a Ratchet, Washboard, Vibra-Tone, or Turbo Crasher, then you’ve come to the right place. My favourite would have to be the irreverent Vibraslap with its signature crkckrcgghrckrckrck sound often used by the household band, ‘Enter the Haggis’.

Meinl Bamboo Rainstick Large 39" (100cm) - bellperc.com
Meinl Bamboo Rainstick Medium - bellperc.com
Meinl Bell Tree - 27 Bells - bellperc.com
LP CP Sleigh Bells, 12 Bells - bellperc.com
LP CP Sleigh Bells, 25 Bells - bellperc.com
LP Crystal Rainstick - bellperc.com
LP Finger Cymbals - bellperc.com
LP Finger Cymbals £27.00
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bellperc Hand Held Bell Tree - 14 Bells - bellperc.com
LP Hand Held Bell Tree - 14 Bells - bellperc.com
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