Paiste started life in 1906 and created some beautiful sounding cymbals. Just shy of 90 years later, the Paiste Planet Gongs came to life with the help of Jens Zygar, who is a renowned sound healer and therapist. The thought behind the Planet Gong Series was to create an instrument that resonated to the orbital properties of the planets, sun, and moon. How did they know which frequency to do such a thing? Well, there is a Swiss mathematician named Hans Cousto who made some calculations on the planets orbital properties and wrote a book about his findings. There is a bit more to it than what I’ve just said and if you want to learn more, then get his book, ‘The Cosmic Octave’.

Each of the Paiste Planet Gongs achieve different things with different people. For example, if you’re a Virgo, then the Chiron Planet Gong may be the best choice for you with its character being one of initiation and its throat and 3rd eye chakra. Perhaps you’re a Tauras or Libra and the Venus Planet Gong tickles your pickle? The Venus gong is said to stimulate the 3rd eye and activates your seat of intuition. For those of you with an open character, then the Synodic Moon is probably for you with its sexual centre chakra. So there we are.

Paiste 38" Sound Creation Gong no.3B Earth -
Paiste Planet Gong 24" Moon Sidereal A#2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 24" Moon Synodic G#2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 24" Neptune G#2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 24" Uranus G#2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 24" Venus A2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 28" Day Sidereal G2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 28" Jupiter F#2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 30" Platonic Year F2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 32" Chiron D#2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 32" Mars D2 -
Paiste Planet Gong 32" Mercury C#2 -