Pearl, also known as the Pearl Instrument Musical Company...or PIMC for short (not to be confused with the Pheonix Indian Medical Centre) was founded in 1946 by Katsumi Yanagisawa and focused on manufacturing music stands. Luckily, for those of us in the world of percussion, the focus of the company was changed in 1950 and Pearl started manufacturing drums and was renamed, "Pearl Industry, Ltd."

By the time the swingin' 60's had come around and with it, the advent of rock n roll, demand for drum kits sky rocketed and so to keep up with demand, Pearl built a massive (I mean's huge) 15,000 sq ft factory to produce inexpensive kits bearing more than 30 brand names including Maxwin, CB-700, Stewart, Werco, Ideal, Crest, Revelle, Revere, Lyra, Majestic, Whitehall, Silvertone, Apollo, Toreador, Roxy, and Coronet. So there you go, if you have one of these kits in your attic then you now know that they were in fact created by Pearl. If you did know that already then I'm sorry but I'm not psychic.

Perhaps the most well-known series created by Pearl is their "Export" series. Famous for being the highest selling drum set ever (Pearl produced their one millionth Export in 1995), it seems that the majority of disgruntled neighbours around the world have Pearl to thank for years of less than peaceful evenings and banging on walls yelling, "shut up!" For this, on behalf of all the drummers around the world who owned an Export, including myself, I salute you, Pearl.

Being one of the world’s leading drum set companies, Pearl have a long roster of endorsees, including the master that is Dennis Chambers, the rock n' roll bundle of energy and one hell of a showman that is Arejay Hale (Halestorm), double kick master Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot) and Rock n' Roll legend Joey Kramer (Aerosmith).

Pearl Decade Maple 20"bd Drum Set - Satin Slate Black -
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Artic Sparkle
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Blue Sparkle
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Red Wine
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Smokey Chrome
Export EXX 20" Fusion Drum Kit with Cymbals / Hardware - Jet Black
Export EXX 22" LA Fusion Drum Kit Cymbals / Hardware - Jet Black