Tama drums proudly describe themselves as 'The strongest name in drums'. Now does that mean their factory is filled with steroid using craftsmen? On the contrary, it simply means you'd have quite a job on your hand trying break or damage any of Tama's drums or hardware.

Founded back in 1974, Tama have continued to provide the drum industry with high quality instruments over its 42 year existence.  They have been innovators within the community being the first manufacturers to offer supper heavy duty  hardware, drum mounting systems that did not intrude into the shell like most brands in the 1970s, and additionally being the inventors of the world famous tabular drums known as octobans! Although, I think Stewart Copland should be praised for making them so popular. 

Tama has been stereo typically known as the brand for the 'heavy hitters' with drummers like Lars Ulrich, Dave Lombardo, Kenny Aronoff and Mike Portnoy having been used as posters boys for the brand over a number of years. However, with the release of the 'Star series', considered the rolls royce of acoustic drums, other musicians such as Billy Cobham and Peter Erskine have now discovered the versatility and musicality that Tama has to offer across their range.

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