If you think your composition needs a hint of ‘English village ambience’ then Tubular Bells are good ways to simulate that Sunday morning church rush.

BUT WAIT! ‘What device should I use to strike this vertical metal keyboard?!’ we hear you cry. Well, a large hammer of course!

Tubular Bells are actually pretty weighty, so using a hammer shaped beater gives you that force needed to draw the thick tone out of the bells otherwise the sound would be rather thin and quiet. Much like mallets for other instruments, you can get soft rubber topped ones for a quieter, warmer sound; or you can have wood and plastic for a shrill but cutting note that will sail over the top of any fanfare.

DISCLAIMER – These mallets are for Tubular bells, the orchestral instrument. Please do not go smashing up your Mike Oldfield vinyl...

1" Tubular Bell Mallet
Chalklin 1" Tubular Bell Mallet - bellperc.com
1.5" Tubular Bell Mallet
Chris Stock 1.5" Tubular Bell Mallet - bellperc.com
1.75" Tubular Bell Mallet
Chalklin 1.75" Tubular Bell Mallet - bellperc.com
Chalkin CH2 1.5" Tubular Bell Mallet
Chalklin Chalkin CH2 1.5" Tubular Bell Mallet - bellperc.com