Japan, creators of the bullet train, producers of wonderful sushi, home to well-kept miniature trees and of course, birthplace to one of the most coveted names in drums. Yamaha!

Yamaha drums, founded back in 1967, could possibly be one of THE most famous names in the drumming world. They have been one of the leading manufacturers of both acoustic and electronic drums over the past 49 years and don't appear to be stopping that trend anytime soon.

This fantastic company have brought us such joyous creations like the Maple Custom Absolute, PHX drums, Signature Series Snare Drums, DTX Modules, and the unbelievable Recording Custom's (and yeah, they're back with a Bang! "and a crash and a wallop!")

These fantastic instruments have been used and endorsed by drumming royalty over the company's lifetime. The likes of Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Steve Jordan, Steve Gadd, David Garibaldi and of course who could forgot Steve Gadd. The list of Phenomenal artists is endless (and apparently quite repetitive), but the fact remains, there is a clear and obvious reason why such worshipped musicians continue to express their love and trust in these drums. Once you've played them, you'll soon see why!

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