Yamaha timpani have been in production for many years. Along with their orchestral tuned percussion line, range of orchestral drums and celestes, Yamaha have become one of the world leaders in the provision of orchestral percussion equipment.

The current range of Yamaha timpani consist of the Yamaha Series 3300, Series 4300, Series 6300 and Series 7300. The 3300 Series are Yamaha’s educational range and like all Yamaha timpani, have been constructed with a balanced spring action. The bowls of the 3300 Series have been manufactured from spun aluminium making each timpani very light in weight for their size. In addition these are Yamaha’s portable timpani range and benefit from legs that slide into the kettle and the pedal action which fold up against the bowl.

Moving up the range, the 4300 series has the newly designed aluminium bowl which generates a bright feel. Yamaha have designed this range with the wind band, educational and school performance market in mind. Large castors are also a feature of this range which also makes them ideal for marching groups.

Things start getting serious with the copper bowl 6300 series. Designed for a wide market from high educational use, through to stage work and concert orchestral use, the Yamaha 6300 series, like all of the Yamaha range of timpani are supplied with Remo Renaissance heads. Yamaha’s flagship professional range of timpani are the 7300 series. With a hammered copper bowl, revised bowl design and the bespoke Yamaha pedal adjustment clutch, this timpani range is ideally suited to professional players, timpanists and concert halls.

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