Due to a delay with the planned control parking zone in our estate scheduled for the end of March, the Orange and Blue Studio will now REMAIN OPEN until at least 1st June! We are also scrapping the peak rate for these rooms in line with our new pricing from April. So, from the 1st April the Orange will be £12.50 per hour and the Blue £15.00 per hour at any time. We’re excited and delighted and other nice words to share something positive at such a difficult time.

The Purple, White, Silver and Percussion Room will always be open for solo practice or teaching. The Yellow will be available for solo practice or teaching during the day and a small band space in the evening. The Green will also remain open as a band space, solo practice, teaching, or anything else one can imagine!


We are dumping the peak rates J

That’s right and worth mentioning again…


Off-peak rates start at 9am and through to 11pm. So, here we go with the hourly rates:

White Room                                           £6.50
Silver Room                                            £6.50
Purple Room                                          £7.50
Percussion Room                                  £9.00
Green Room                                           £11.00
Yellow solo/teaching (9am-6pm)    £7.50
Yellow small band (6pm-11pm)       £11.00

The Bell Music Team