In 1976, Chris Brady began testing local Australian woods for drumstick suitability. It was from these early tests, and due to Chris's pioneering spirit, that in 1980 Chris produced the first Solid Wood Brady Snare, hollowed out from a single piece of Jarrah tree. Told that this was an impossible task, that a snare with no seams or joins was unworkable , Chris embarked on a project that would ultimately be the birth of Brady Drum Company and would encompass the spirit of innovation and originality that has led Brady to the forefront of modern music.
As a company Brady have refused to embrace the factory model, and have remained relatively small to ensure that the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into these truly bespoke instruments is unrivalled. Brady's consistent independance has created an atmosphere of unparalelled innovation and has led them to create many new and unique gems. The first company to explore the diversity of Australian Hardwoods, Bradys introduction of Tasmanian Blackwood and Spotted Gum have kept them at the leading edge of drum production.

Brady's have retained the original spirit of handmade craftsmanship and to this day still do not use large scale machinery or computerized technology. These drums are 100% Hand crafted.