Canopus Drums are employing a level of research and development unrivalled by any other company in drum manufacturing today. Shell construction, material and the nature of bearing edges have been explored and tested in a vigorous policy seeking to achieve the best sound that acoustic drums have to offer.

Canopus drums have spent many years trying to recreate the sound of recorded drums by exploring the minutae of acoustic drums. Through rigorous testing of shell construction and bearing edges they have sought to produce drums that have a clean and clear sound, similar to a natural EQ , without sacrifing any of the natural openness and resonance . These are drums engineered to realise and maximise the full potential of the shell produced.

Few other companies have gained as many insights into the depths and specificities of factors such as hardware weight and style, and small details such as the nature of the finish, and used these insights to produce even more specialised instruments. Canopus spent two years testing die cast hoops of carious weight and finishes and realised the massive impact this could have on a drums finla sound. Similarly the importance of the style of the finish was explored and they are probably the only company to offer a chart detailing how a chosen finish will affect the drums.

Continuing research has led Canopus to produce their now legendary Vintage series and has resulted in some more avant guarde offering such as their Acrylic and Carbon Fiber drums. Canopus drums are truly a company that will continue to explore the possibilities of drum design while retaining a solid dedication to that all important factor, sound.