Since 1947, long before the expression ‘mallet virtuoso’ came into the percussive vocabulary, Concorde was active in procuring the most important element of the marimba and xylophone manufacture: the keyboard. A methodical and systematic search of prime wood sources worldwide has enabled us to acquire large rosewood lumber supplies, far and above our yearly production quota.
The bars of Concorde’s extra high-grade marimba are made of special selected rosewood. Only 2% of the whole, from Guatemala, imported timber is used for these top instruments. After arriving in Japan the rosewood is seasoned in large scale specialized drying rooms under appropriate humidity control for a few years! In the Japanese factory craftsmen spend a lot of time on selecting the wood on quality, colour,grain, density and recognizing sounds by knocking on the wood.
Concorde marimbas and xylophones maintain its premier place as the most preferred and most played mallet instrument in the world.