Johnny Craviotto loves drums.

Johnny Craviotto began his professional playing career in the 60's and toured with many of Americas Rock n Roll pioneers including Ry Cooder and Neil Young. During these years Johnny began collecting more and more Vintage drums and his love of drums and a quest for a deeper understanding of his instrument led him to research and analyze the sounds being made by these drums and how they were produced. He started to study the arts of shell contruction and drum manufacture and through a tremendous amount of dedication and experimentation he finally hit on his own unique method for the production of solid shell drums made from steam bent hardwood.

During the 80's Johnny Craviotto briefly teamed up with Billy Gibson to found the Solid snare drum company and even though this business lasted only a few years Johnny's innovative construction methods were instantly recognised, and these drums became highly collectible. In 1990, Johnny formed Craviotto Percussion and due to a fortuitous meeting with Don Lombardi (founder of DW Drum Company) Johnny spent the following decade providing solid shells for DW's top end snare drums, ensuring his reputation as undisputed master of solid shell design.
Cravitto Drums have set the standard for steam bent drum shells and have been embraced by some of the worlds most talented drummers and musicians due to their presence and their truly undeniable musicality.