Evetts Drums is an Australian boutique custom drum company based in Sydney. They specialise in handcrafted custom snare drums and drum kits made from native Australian Hardwoods. Its founder and principal drum smith, Stephen Crawley, utilises hand selected Australian hardwoods and exotic veneers to build the backbone in your drum arsenal.

“At Evetts Drum Company we press all of our shells in-house using native Australian hardwoods. These beautiful woods provide us with a wide spectrum of unique musical sounds which cannot be reproduced by production line drum companies. Our philosophy is two-fold. To sonically empower drummers and to offer unrivaled instruments suited to any drummer’s playing style, musical situation and budget.” - Stephen Crawley. With a custom combination of select Australian hardwoods, rare exotic veneers and cut above craftsmanship, Evetts Drum Company is capturing the eyes, ears and imagination of the modern drummer.