Often compared to melodic percussion instruments such as the Hapi Drum or Spacedrum the origins of the Garrahad drum lie between the Caribbean Steel Drum and the Swiss Hang drum.
The Garrahand only takes up the space of a small drum and provides 7 tunable pitches per unit. It can be played with hands and fingers but as it is made of highly resistant steel the player can also use muffled sticks as an alternative. The Garrahand has a unique in-built microphone pickup system which is connected to both balanced XLR and Jack outputs. This is a fabulous, innovative and exciting device with countless tricks up its sleeve. It can be played acoustically or the player can chose to plug it straight into a guitar amp, mixing desk, sampling pedal or an FX chain. The possibilities are endless. The Garrahand is very intuitive and fun to play.
Created in Argentina the Garrahand was a gift to the great percussionist Mariano Cantero by Federico Parra and Ary Lacanna and have created one of the World's most intriguing musical instruments.

The Garrahand specifications and features are:
A special mic pickup system (with a "Jack" output)
Balanced XLR output
A damper
Cymbal holder
7 tunable tongues (computer managed automatic cuts)
Quick and easy tuning (up to almost 3 tones)
Amplified melodic range, more than 2 octaves
Diameter : 9"3/4
Height : 7"
Weight : 1,450 kg (with resonant body)

Many musicians have contributed to the Garrahand’s development and as a result it has now evolved into its current shape and design which suits and satisfies many different needs within a variety of settings. The Garrahand has managed to capture people’s imagination from the intuitive and novice player to the modern professional musician as well as the experimental electro artist and not to forget the meditation and healing world.