GMS Drum Company was founded in New York in 1987 by two like-minded individuals who were introduced by Tony Fabiano, who owns the Long Island Drum Centre. Once Tony Gallino had been introduced to Rob Mazzella, talk quickly turned to fabrication and it wasn't long before the two started producing some of the first GMS prototypes. GMS Drum Co. had begun, and from the very beginning the drums were renowned for there innovation and craftsmanship. These were drums that would sound amazing, and perfom perfectly, straight out of the box.
Beginning with their Grand Master Series (Hence the Name) GMS embarked on a career of invention and innovation pioneering some brilliant lugs and throws and breaking ground with some totally new finishing techniques. Add to this the developments of their own suspension mounting system and culminating in the release of the Revolution Series, GMS are a company accustomed to pushing the boundries of drum manufacturing. Not content to rest, GMS went on to pioneer a new system of venting, called their PVS system and then in 2011 they unveiled the Siuper Vintage line, which allows drummers all the openness and sound delivered by vintage kits but without all the shortcomings and dodgy parts. These innovations alons should provide GMS much respect within the drumming community and indeed their drums are endorsed by many top artists and musicians.