Grover Tambourines
Grover tambourines are considered by orchestral percussionists around the world to be some of the finest instruments available today. Found in the world's finest concert halls, Grover tambourines have been resounding with crystal-clear clarity and full, rich timbres for over 30 years. Every Grover tambourine has been carefully designed to produce sound colours of the highest musical integrity. Grover craftsmen meticulously handcraft each concert tambourine individually. Every Grover tambourine begins life in the skilled hands of one artisan and ends up in hand of the world's most demanding percussionists.

Beryllium Copper
T1/BC - 10" single row
T2/BC - 10" double row
Beryllium Copper tambourine jingles were first developed by Grover Pro in the 1980s. This rare alloy is chosen by players who want a rich texture with a balanced blend of both bright and dark overtones. This tambourine will create a lush, signature sound profile and is the tambourine of choice for many professional orchestral players.

Phosphor Bronze
T1/PhBr - 10" single row
T2/PhBr - 10" double row
Phosphor Bronze is preferred by percussionists who seek darker sound colors. Phosphor Bronze compliments the deep character of romantic European orchestral repertoire. Equally suited for concert band or small ensemble, this special alloy is for those who gravitate towards mid-range and darker overtones.

German Silver
T2/GS-8 - 8" double row
T1/GS - 10" single row
T2/GS - 10" double row
T1/GS-12 - 12" single row
The most popular tambourine manufactred by Grover, German Silver resounds with a clear articulation that is bright, sensitive, and powerful. This versatile alloy is the choice of many classical players looking for a focused sparkle that's not too heavy in sound. The most popular choice for all-aroound playing requirements.

Silver/Bronze Combo
T2/GSPh - 10" double row
Grover Pro's innovative T2/GSPh was the first tambourine to fully integrate German Silver and Phosphor Bronze alloys in one tambourine. "Fully integrated" means each pair of jingles consists of both silver and bronze alloys. Furthermore, the jingles are voiced in alternating patterns, guaranteeing harmonious resonance. A superb, general-purpose instrument for those who want both highs and lows in one tambourine.