Sakae Rhythm is a high quality drum manufacturer located in Osaka Japan. Since 1925, Sakae Rhythm has devoted their passion and craftsmanship to creating the best drums and percussion instruments in the world. In 2009, after 40 years of making drums for one of the world's leading drum companies, Sakae Rhythm launched their original brand, "Sakae Drums". "Sakae" stands for "Prosperity" in Japanese. The Sakae S-spiral logo is derived from the name with hope for prosperity for all musicians and the entire music industry.

Sakae was founded in 1925 in Osaka, Japan. Up until the late 60’s they made several percussion instruments for the Japanese school market. They spent many years developing their own unique way of making drums and creating their own musical voice in the world of percussion. Because of this success, Sakae eventually drew the attention of a major drum company who approached them to consider a partnership in making drums for them. So, from 1967 until now Sakae has been the primary OEM source of all high-end drums marketed by this company. This is something the Sakae family is very proud of and for over 40 years they have remained exclusive to the company in question.
Sakae recently decided to stand out on its own and walked away from its previous partnership to become an independent drum company.

“In these difficult and uncertain economic times I realize the decision to independently build the Sakae brand is one most would see as risky. However; Sakae is not just another drum company. My family and I are committed to the traditions of making instruments of the utmost quality and excellence. Corporatism and the desire to become the biggest drum company in the world are NOT our priorities. What IS our priority is making musical instruments that my father, grandfather and the legendary artists I have grown up with, would all be proud of. Bringing honor to their names, hard work and music is the driving force behind each and every morning I wake. With this passion underneath all that I do, the decision to go alone was obvious and the only conclusion. There was no other way to pursue the ground breaking advancements we wanted. I believe you will agree when you hear our new instruments.” – Eizo Nakata, President of Sakae Drums