Everett Vic Firth was born in Winchester, Massachusetts to Rosemary and Everett E., a renowned trumpet and cornet player. Throughout his childhood, Vic Firth took lessons on a variety of instruments and by high school, he was playing percussion full-time and by age sixteen, had formed the 18-piece “Vic Firth Big Band,” which performed throughout the New England area. Firth was obsessed with quality of sound. Dissatisfied with what was available at the time, he hand whittled his first pair of sticks in his garage and when word got out about his sticks superior quality, the company “Vic Firth” was born in 1963.

"I thought there was a need for a higher-quality stick than what was being manufactured at the time," Firth recalled. "Also, I was asked to do certain things that were perhaps more sophisticated than a lot of timpanists were doing, so I started designing sticks to accommodate what I had to do." Vic Firth is credited with inventing or standardizing many of the key manufacturing processes used today in the drumstick world, including centerless grinding, pitch-pairing, weight-sorting, injection molding, and the introduction of the more environmentally conscious stick sleeves which keep sticks paired together.

Everett Vic Firth passed away on the 26th July 2015. Was was 85 years old.
R.I.P Vic Firth