Bell Music 10" Double Row Phosphor Bronze Tambourine

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  • Bell Music - 10" Double Row Phosphor Bronze Tambourine


Bell Music 10" Double Row Phosphor Bronze Tambourine

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Grover Pro Percussion - 10" Double Row Phosphor Bronze Tambourine

Phosphor Bronze is preferred by percussionists who seek darker sound colors. Phosphor Bronze compliments the deep character of romantic European orchestral repertoire. Equally suited for concert band or small ensemble, this special alloy is for those who gravitate towards mid-range and darker overtones. About the company he year was 1979, and a 24-year-old percussionist named Neil Grover was living his dream of performing in the percussion section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Neil got to play and was intrigued by a very old triangle that was treasured by the BSO percussionists.

It resounded with a unique sparkle and spread of overtones. Neil’s natural curiosity led him to explore why that particular triangle had such a uniquely vibrant musical sound quality. With the help of students at MIT’s Acoustics and Vibrations Lab, Neil set out to uncover the secret of creating a triangle with prominent overtone resonance. Neil first crafted a 9″ triangle for his personal use (now Model TR-9). Starting a percussion manufacturing company was the farthest thing from Neil’s mind, as he was playing and teaching full time.

When Boston’s top percussionists heard the “Grover” triangle, though, they insisted that Neil make one for them. Neil started making triangles, one at a time, to satisfy the requests of his Boston colleagues. To Neil’s great surprise, he started to receive calls from percussionists in Dallas, then Baltimore, then from all over the US! Word had quickly spread among America’s leading orchestral percussionists that Neil could manufacture triangles with tremendous overtone resonance. Unintentionally, the Grover® Super-Overtone™ triangle was born. Neil followed his triangles with tambourines, mallets, woodblocks, and other percussion products. Though still a cottage industry, Grover Pro Percussion’s mission was established: To produce percussion instruments of the highest musical quality. Neil developed and tested each and every product personally, ensuring a high level of quality control that remains unparalleled in the industry.

In 1992, Grover Pro Percussion moved to a small industrial space north of Boston. The company quickly outgrew its workspace and, in 1994, moved to a manufacturing complex four times larger. To meet the growing demands for Grover products, the company invested in highly customized machinery and tooling. As the company grew, Neil started assembling a dedicated staff of percussion specialists to ensure that his personal commitment to percussion was embodied within the company’s infrastructure. In 1999, Grover Pro Percussion acquired assets of SilverFox Percussion, manufacturers of SilverFox™ drum sticks and mallets based in Ft. Myers, Florida. In order to ensure strict quality control, the SilverFox operation was relocated to Grover Pro’s facility.

Today, Grover Pro Percussion operates in an efficient manufacturing facility located just north of Boston at the corner of Rt. 93 and Rt. 128 in Woburn, Massachusetts. The company employs a highly dedicated team of percussion specialists, production experts, and seasoned business managers. Despite his busy schedule, Neil Grover serves as President/CEO. For over 32 years, Grover Pro’s products have been in strong demand and can be found in virtually every corner of the world, from Alaska to Australia, California to Russia, and everywhere in between!