Bell Percussion

20" Chinese Sun Gong

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  • 20" Chinese Sun Gong

Bell Percussion

20" Chinese Sun Gong

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Bell Percussion 20" Chinese Sun Gong

A range of exceptionally high quality hand picked sun gongs imported from the Far East - available in 20", 24", 28", 32" or 36" sizes

Chinese Sun Gongs are traditional hammered gongs from the Far East. Created from B20 Bronze these incredible instruments look stunning and have a beautiful and unique sound.

Chinese Sun Gongs are created with a dual hammered process using traditional gongsmith techniques but also a more modern pneumatic process. Starting life as a pancake of bronze the skill involved creating these beautiful instruments is truly amazing. Chinese Sun Gongs are at home in a recording studio or concert hall as well as a living room or study.

Very little effort is required to achieve the traditional whoosh of intense sound and one only has to touch the gong to hear the possibilites. With their beautiful design of concentric circles Chinese Sun Gongs are sure to be a must have luxury for the home or studio at an unbelievably low price.