26" Prophonic Series Copper Timpani

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26" Prophonic Series Copper Timpani

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Majestic 26" Prophonic Series Copper Timpani

The newly invented and patented Prophonic timpani from Majestic have finally solved the challenge of a fully suspended and free sounding timpani kettle. The Prophonic combines the superior sound quality of the Symphonic Grand series with the transportability of the Harmonic series. The legs around the kettle protect the copper from damage and denting whilst Majestic Prophonic timpani are easy to transport even the smallest car possibly being able to transport a pair. In addition they are much easier to store as they require far less space than traditional timpani.

KETTLE - the kettle is deep drawn from a single copper sheet in deep cambered form for optimal resonance and sustain. Available in five standard sizes the Majestic Prophonic timpani offer a choice of finishes between hammered or polised copper. Aluminum kettles are also available in the same deep cambered style as an economical alternative to copper and are finished in an attractive copper colour.

PEDAL - the pedal has a balanced system with smooth action at any setting. The pedal on the back leg and both front legs are fully collapsible.

TUNING - all Majestic timpani are fitted with an extremely accurate and easy adjustable tuning gauge. A hand fine tuner is also available.

RANGES AND SIZES - all Majestic Prophonic timpani have a range of nearly an octave and come in sizes of 20", 23", 26", 29" & 32" GAUGES - all Majestic timpani can be ordered with either the American or German set up. Tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.

HEADS - the Majestic Prophonics are supplied Remo Renaissance heads as standard.