29" Concert Series Aluminium Timpani

  • 29" Concert Series Aluminium Timpani


29" Concert Series Aluminium Timpani

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Majestic 29" Concert Series Alumnium Timpani

Introduced in 2009, Majestic Concert Series timpani offer extremely light weight and advanced performance features. The blocked pedal system, in combination with the stable retractable four leg design, allows for an extended range of heights. Perfect for pit orchestra settings, younger players and even for drum set use. Now also available in customised colours to be even more attractive to younger players and for drum set use. A double wheel set on the front creates timpani stability during transportation. These timpani are uniquely designed to have a flat bottom with the legs folded to aid upright storage. 

KETTLE - the deep cambered kettle is manufactured from fiberglass, copper, aluminium or deep cambered copper. These kettles produce a warm and dark sound.

PEDAL AND FEET - a completely new design of the blocked pedal system renders the pedal action exceptionally light. The uniquely designed spring system ensures a smooth pedal action over the full range of almost one octave. A total of four feet make these timpani very stable when being played and for transportation the feet slide into the kettle for easy upright storage. The two front legs are connected and have castors for easy transport on stage. T

TUNING GAUGE - Concert Series timpani are equipped with the well known and eye-pleasing Majestic tuning gauges, which are extremely accurate and easy adjustable.

CASTORS - the two connected front feet of Majestic Concert timpani are equipped with tall braking castors which lock in place during play and for easy to transport.

RANGE AND SIZES - the Concert Series timpani have a range of almost 1 octave each and are available in the following sizes: 20", 23", 26”, 29” and 32”. Like all other Majestic timpani, they can be ordered in either American or German set up. Tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.

HEADS - the heads used are the standard white REMO® but REMO Renaissance™ heads are also available.