Sean Hooper

B11 'Legato' Series Large Timpani Mallets

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  • B11 'Legato' Series Large Timpani Mallets

Sean Hooper

B11 'Legato' Series Large Timpani Mallets

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Sean Hooper B11 'Legato' Series Large Timpani Mallets.

The largest member of the Legato range, (B10 and B9 are smaller), with a large extra-light ball core, and double layer of felt, measuring  44mm across. Slightly heavier, but with a warm tone for low-volume rolls and quick passages.  Maximum volume mf.

Characteristics: Very Light , Low Level of Contact Noise, Specially Designed to Work Well At Low Dynamic Levels.


  • Model: B11 'Legato'
  • Core: 30mm
  • Core Type: Extra Light Ball
  • Head Size 44mm
  • Material: Soft Felt
  • Felt Layers: 2
  • Handle Material: Polished Bamboo
  • Approx Handle Thickness: 9.5mm

The handle diameter of the sticks range from 8mm up 11mm. The thickness is broadly based on the head size, but there is no set diameter which is alway used for each model. This way there is enough variation for a timpanist to choose the model he wants and then find the handle size that suits best.

Speciality Range

With Seán’s trademark superb bamboo handles, this range offers a selection of other heads, for specialist applications.