Chalklin BS08 Birch Soft Rubber Xylo

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  • Chalklin BS08 Birch Soft Rubber Xylo


Chalklin BS08 Birch Soft Rubber Xylo

3 in stock

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Chalklin BS08 Birch Soft Rubber Xylophone Mallets
Many subtle tones can be produced within a whole variety of moden music from the BS5 to the BS8 rubber headed mallets, the BS7 has a warm well round tone with a soft impact sound, the softest member of this versatile group of mallets.
Perfect for quieter practice and home!

HD: 25mm
SL: 350mm
SD: 6mm

Symphonic Birch
A range of fine quality beaters made from 8mm diameter birch dowels and furnished with a large variety of carefully balanced heads ranging from staccato glockenspiel to mellow marimba.
Created for the player who prefers a rigid wooden handle

In developing his extensive range of mallets Chalkin has sought to provide a large variety to cover the many colour contrasts possible and desirable for todays players. This can present a problem of choice, so it is hoped the the following suggestions will be helpful in selecting those mallets most suited to the various sounds desired.