Chalklin BS14 Birch Soft Vibra

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  • Chalklin BS14 Birch Soft Vibra


Chalklin BS14 Birch Soft Vibra

3 in stock

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Chalklin BS14 Birch Soft Vibraphone Mallets

Chalklin BS1 Birch Soft Vibraphone Mallets are the result of intensive research and development and have evolved from countless discussions and collaborations with distinguished players and teachers from within the UK and further afield. Utilising the finest materials, carefully hand-crafted by highly-skilled artisans these uniquely exceptional and time-tested products are approved and distributed across the globe.

About Chalklin:

A range of fine quality beaters made from 8mm diameter birch dowels and furnished with a large variety of carefully balanced heads ranging from staccato glockenspiel to mellow marimba.

Created for the player who prefers a rigid wooden handle Chalklin mallets were established in 1971 by Paul Chalklin. Since that time Chalklin has developed into a world leader in timpani and percussion mallets. In developing his extensive range of percussion mallets Paul Chalklin has drawn on his wide experience as teacher, orchestral musician and technician and is motivated by the belief that only world class percussion products will satisfy the exacting demands of professional musicians whilst retaining a realistic price. The materials used and the craftsmanship employed keep these aims constantly in mind.