Ching Ring FX jingle

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  • Meinl Ching Ring FX jingle -


Ching Ring FX jingle

5 in stock

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Meinl Ching Ring FX Jingle - CRING

Incorporate a “ching” into you backbeats by placing the MEINL Ching Ring directly on your cymbals!
Ideal for hihats, these steel jingles will add a different touch to your playing by delivering a shimmering sound that will blend perfectly with your beats.
Place the Ching Ring on crashes and rides as well for some truly innovative sounds.

  • Fits on most hihats
  • 5 pairs of stainless steel jingles
  • Will work on most other types of cymbals too
Behold the phenomenon that has taken the drum world by storm. It isn't a game changing cymbal design, it isn't a new series of drum kit that has fine layers of unicorn hair lining the shells. All it is, is a 6" piece of metal with 5 tambourne jingles attached to it. Yes, you read that correctly.
It seems that you can't watch any drum related Instagram video nowadays without seeing one of these ingenious little beauties chinging away on someone's hi-hats.
Made from stainless steel, the Ching Ring is an excellent way for drummers to spice up their grooves. Place it on the hi-hats and it produces a wonderful texture that isn't too overpowering, place it on the ride or crash cymbal and it becomes the perfect sizzler. Simply put, adding a Ching Ring to your kit is like adding the perfect amount of seasoning to a nice Sunday roast.
It just goes to show that sometimes even the simplest of ideas can prove to be such a deep well of inspiration.