The Hand

Drum Gel Mutes 6pc

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  • Bell Music - Drum Gel Mutes 6pc

The Hand

Drum Gel Mutes 6pc

2 in stock

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The Hand Company Drum Gel Mutes 6 Pieces

Drum Gel controls the sound & unwanted resonance of your drums. Three Pads measure 3x3 cm, three Pads measure 2.4 x 2.4 cm and are all 3mm thick - Drum Gel gives you infinite possibilities in eliminating unwanted resonance.


  • Non Toxic Cleans with soap and water
  • Leaves no colour stains
  • Heavy duty aluninium tin 
  • Colours may vary, Available in Clear or Red.
Imagine the scene - You’re on a gig and there’s a slight ring in your drums that you just can’t get rid of. You’re getting yelled at by the sound engineer who wants to go and have his 4th cigarette break, and the guitarist is giving you an evil glare because you’re taking away from his precious soundcheck time in which he gets to test out one of his new and unnecessary guitar pedals. You’ve tried everything from kitchen roll to gaffer tape and you’ve even tried to train your cat to sit on the drum but it just won’t disappear. Don’t worry, you’re not alone as we’ve all been there.
Lucky for you, The Hand (not to be confused with the villains from the DareDevil TV series) have created an inexpensive gel that you can simply place on your drum heads and those annoying overtones will simply disappear. The gel is so sticky that you can even place it on the bottom head of your drums and it won’t fall off.
Each tub comes with 6 pieces and is available in either a clear or red finish.

Thank you The Hand. On behalf of all the frustrated drummers, nicotine addicted sound engineers* and itchy fingered guitarists**, we salute you.
*We are well aware that not all sound engineers are addicted to nicotine.
**All guitarists ARE itchy fingered, we stand by this statement.