Bell Music Duo Opera Stand Light - UK Mains

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  • Bell Music Duo Opera Stand Light - UK Mains


Bell Music Duo Opera Stand Light - UK Mains

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RATstand Duo Opera Stand Light - UK Mains

The Duo Opera Light is a professional quality, mains driven lamp that can be found in many venues throughout the world.  It is bright enough for any situation and yet the superb cut off ensures that the light falls on the music score and nowhere else.

  • Integral Light: Attaches to The Opera Stand by sliding the arm of the lamp into the socket of the stand and tightens with an allen key.
  • High Quality LEDs: Two state of the art mains voltage LEDs give very bright and even illumination all over the score with very little light spillage. Warm white LEDs with a colour temperature of 4000K provides light which is relaxing for the professional musician making it easy to read scores.
  • Slim Housing: Very slim housing does not obstruct the musician’s view of the conductor.
  • Mains Voltage Dimming Control: Plugs directly into the mains without the need for a power supply. Can be controlled at the lighting desk by dimming the mains supply, just like any ordinary incandescent light.
  • No Bulbs: LEDs are virtually indestructible and never wear out, so you will never again have to change a bulb in the middle of a performance. Will give years of maintenance free use. Over the lifetime of the product lower electricity bills and the absence of bulb replacements costs will repay your initial investment in this truly professional music stand light.
  • Cable: Double insulated for safety. A coiled cable from the lamp to ground level enables the stand height to be adjusted without detaching the cable from its hook at the base of the stand. From the base of the stand a further 3m of straight cable is provided.